Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 a Hot Year for LGBT Equality

With the Marriage Equality bill (SB241) which was introduced by Maryland Governor O'Malley close to passing in the Senate in my beautiful home-state of Maryland but the religious organizations and other anti gay persons or groups are claiming that passage of such bill as well as the anti discrimination (SB212) is in violation of religious rights.  The question is, how is that so when the bill has nothing to do with religion or whatnot.  If a Church or denomination whether they be Catholic, Methodist, Baptist or any of the many other denominations.  If the faith and creed of that church is strict and does not allow for any same sex relationships or marriage then they can just turn the other way and have nothing to do with the LGBT community.  SB 241 even has clauses in it to make sure that Church cannot be held liable for refusal to marry same sex couples or other services afforded to heterosexuals. These clauses has been inserted into the marriage equality bill so a same sex couple cannot raise any lawsuits or churches cannot be forced to marry same sex couples.  There are religious organizations within Baltimore/D.C. area that are LGBT Friendly and some have gay or lesbian pastors/ministers that most likely will be performing the same sex marriage services and there is also the old courthouse option that has always been open  since the inception of marriage licenses. SB 212 anti-discrimination bill just simply adds "gender identity" to the language of the already existing law that has been protecting sexual orientation

Maryland is not the only state pushing Marriage Equality, anti discrimination or other pro LGBT Laws in the first Legislative Session of 2012.  Alaska, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Washington that I am aware of.  LGBT Legistlation seems to be a very hot ticket item in the state houses across the nation. If you know of other states with pro gay legislation going on that is not mentioned here please feel free to post it in comments below to let other readers know.  Also in related news the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled in favor of Marriage Equality there for upholding the lower courts declaring Prop. 8 unconstitutional.

Our time is coming ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it.  The roads are coming through for the LGBT American where we are Just as equal as our heterosexual counter parts.  One day in the future we will be looking forward to LGBT people never having to hide in the closet again and just be ourselves making the country a better place for everyone without fear off retribution for simply being true to ourselves. There are already gay friendly cities within our country today.  Keep in mind that just because a city government passes pro gay ordinaces that protects us out there does not necessarily the city is all that friendly.  Of such cities in among the cities I have traveled to I believe that Pittsburgh, PA is truley the most gay friendly city in the country.  I am able to walk the streets and shop in Pittsburgh as transgender female of course presenting and dressed as such with no one actually bothering me in any way shape or form.  Yes I  may get some looks from others and all but they do not voice themselves in discriminatory manner. I have become comfortable with myself in that gay city and proud of it.  Now my hometown in Western Maryland isn't all that safe for the LGBT Community or myself to present myself in the manner that my sexuality (Gender Identity). Most of the LGBT Community is still in the closet around here the closest LGBT Resource is over an hour away in either Morgantown, WVA, Hagerstown, Maryland or Winchester VA.  Only exception to that is the fact that Frostburg State University has a LGBT Support Group on campus but that is for the students attending school there not the general population of LGBT Americans.
Times are a changing and I look forward to being able to be in a relationship with that special someone and not have to hide it anywhere here in Hometown. Until then all I can do is watch and wait while venting and writing about what I feel and write about what is going on out there as an outlet for my mind and soul.

Lets hope for many successes across the nation in the states that are working towards Equality for all. Till next time I say to you BE YOURSELF.

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