Friday, February 24, 2012

Maryland 8th State for Marriage Equality

With a very close vote will now be legalized in state of Maryland.  It is on its way to Governor O'Malley's office to be signed into law.  Now of course the opponents of same sex marriage claiming that that their religious freedoms are in peril.  That is total nonsense.  The religious freedoms are protected insomuch as if the religious organization does not condone same sex marriage or partners then that is their domain to shy away from.  In other words if such church do not wish to marry same sex couples then that is their right based on their religious faith or doctrine.  What really fluffs my feathers is how these anti gay organizations use the bible and the church as a base for allowing inequality.  Governor O'Malley introduced the bill SB241 to actually appease the churches and the doctrine to insure their rights are protected at the same time granting equality to LGBT.

But such organizations are now planning on going for a referendum to repeal the bill.  Now that is gonna go over really well because precedent has already been set by the Federal Court when California went through the same battle not too long ago. The precedent was set by Judge Vaughn Walker of 9th U.S. Circuit Court whom ruled that the referendum known as Proposition 8 was unconstitutional for the citizens to deny LGBT Rights that has been afforded to them by the State Legislature.  and has been appealed further up and was upheld in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals by a three judge panel. The battle in California started in 2008 and the opponents of same sex marriage are still trying to take the rights of LGBT away that was already upheld in State Supreme Court. So tax dollars and other peoples moneies are continually being wasted to fight LGBT couples who just want rights as heterosexual couples are afforded when the money can be used to take care of more important issues such as high unemployment so we can get people back to work, fighting rising gas prices at the pump.

If Maryland opponents take it to referendum like California did then the opponents then are doomed to repeat the same mistakes that they did in California. Once the governor signs the bill Maryland will become the 8th state to legalize same sex marriage.

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