Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anti-Bully Laws in Michigan

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I am very happy to find out that the Anti-Bully law dubbed Matt's Safe School Law  in Michigan for K-12 School systems has been straightened out.  I would love to meet the idiots who crafted the law as it was originally scripted. It was passed with exceptions to religious or moral convictions.

It was done in such a manner that says if you bully someone for your religious or moral convictions, it is okay.  That language in the law means that a boy or girl in K-12 can bully a Muslim because of his or her Christian convictions. Vice verse also applies for Muslim bullying others for same reason.  That in and of itself makes those children no better than the terrorists whom attack us or other predominately Christian countries based on their version of  radical Muslim Faith. So based on that a child in school can bully a gay or lesbian based on religious or moral convictions.  That by itself does not help anyone since this piece of legislation was triggered by a 2002 suicide of 14 year old Matt Epling, whom was repeatedly bullied based on his sexual orientation. Hence the Legislation's name "Matt's Safe School Law".

Thanks do go to Michigan State Senator Gretchen Whitmer whom spoke the "Oh Hell No" speech against the way the legislation was scripted.  Further more the script of the law as originally written was most likely by religious right wingers or allies of such. (just my theory). All in all due to Senator Whitmer's speech and the general outcry the law was passed with the exception language cut out.  It is now a true anti bully law in honor of Matt Epling even though it was to late because it took his untimely death to make something to happen in order to protect our children in schools.t is my hope to see all schools in all 50 states pass anti-bully laws.  Most states already have such laws on the books but some needs to revamp that law within their state to include all aspects of the LGBT.  Some states do protect Gays and Lesbians but forgotten the inclusion of gender identity to protect the Transgender aspect of the LGBT.  The laws need to be made to include protections for all race, sex, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.  Our children needs to be safe in the school environment to learn not look over shoulder and worry about the bullies.

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