Sunday, November 20, 2011

Transgender Reality Op-Ed

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I have just read a great op-ed article that is wonderfully written on November 18th at It is titled "The Harsh reality of Some Trangender Lives.

The beauty of it is  that I am able to relate. Granted I have not been beaten because of the female gender that identify with but I have been taunted with very crude remarks.  In fact recently one of the friends that I had whom had known about my sexuality for over a year now is putting me down and quoting bible and such which only makes for hurt feelings and a destroyed friendship. So I am able to relate. I was even taunted and teased in high school.  Back in those days of the '80s I did not even know the word transgender and what I means but i grew up in a effeminate manner that the locker room tease and mannerism of the homophobia made my high school life a living hell but still in closet for the most part, until the day i came out to my family and from then on brings me to here and now where I am full time female running around Pittsburgh. I have not had to much trouble in Pittsburgh because the city itself has become more tolerant to the LGBT Americans.

Only recently about 4 months ago I was in a Dollar General store up in Butler, PA a man walked up to me while i was picking up a few last minute supplies to go camping at Camp Davis campground.  I said to me "You are one of THEM?" whereas he emphasized the word them. I was in a good mood that day and I was not about to let him ruin my mood so I simply said "What them are u refering to?" and he replied "You know a he-she."  I said "Sir, I am not sure what a he-she is but i am a woman!" Then I walked away, paid for my purchases and left for the Campground. So all in all this may help you transgender brothers and sisters out there on how to nicely defend yourself without actually blowing up  the incident with your head held high. 

The article that i read on is what inspired me to write this little short story.  I urge all readers to go and check this story out regardless if you are any part of the LGBT American community or straight.  If gives a good insight on what Transgender individuals endure in  reality.  

Have a good read and see ya next post.

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