Monday, November 14, 2011

Religion and LGBT

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All across the country today different states are in the process or have passed equal right and/or marriage equality laws. As always the religion sector has been one of the biggest opponents for those laws to pass. Little by little, day by day things are improving for the LGBT community but always an uphill battle.

Maryland is one of such states that is working towards Marriage Equality in the upcoming 2012 Legislative session. In the Baltimore Sun reported that Bishops in Catholic Maryland are claiming that Marriage Equality legislation that will most likely pass due to endorsement  by Governor O'Malley will cause religious freedoms to falter.  In their claims they state that passing of such law would cause religious hardships for example: A New Jersey Church lost its tax-exempt status for refusal to rent a pavilion to same sex couple for their wedding.  They are also claiming that religious business owners will also be forced to sell the supplies or whatnot to same sex couples that the normally would not.  But what they fail to understand is that equality is equality. There are even LGBT people that have faith in whatever denomination and religion that they practice. Faith and religion is not just a man or woman thing. It is a human thing and we are all human beings whether we believe in God and Jesus or we believe in Darwinism or just plain ol' Atheism.

In closing I have to say we are all equal and have the same rights as anyone else.  Our fight is much similar to the Civil Rights Era of the days gone by when the African American community fought for their rights.  Now it is our turn. It is the 21st century people homosexuality has been around since the dawn of time and now it is time for us to be ourselves and believe in ourselves to be equal and just as good as anyone else to marry, hold jobs and afford healthcare for our loved ones.

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