Thursday, November 17, 2011

Transgender Inclusion in Rights

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It has been reported via Massachusetts state legislature has passed amendment in the current anti-discrimination and hate crimes laws that protects the gay and lesbians.  Originally the law grants protections for race, sex, age, religion, gay and lesbians but the language of the law shows that it does not include transgender individuals.  The amendment  added a gender identity inclusion.

That is a relief to the transgender population in  that state. 13 other states has already passed bills such as this one including Washington D.C..  The alarming thing people are realizing that made the Representatives in the state house to do this, is the fact there are approximatly 33,000 trangender individuals with in that state alone. So can you just imagine the statistic in the United States as a whole and according the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task force,  97 percent of the transgender community has been harassed, denied employment or promotion within the workplace. Plus 15 percent only have income of less than $10,000 annually and 19 percent are homeless.

As I have stated myself that I am a transgender individual myself. I am male presenting as female as my identity which is pretty much what transgender is all about.   Those lucky ones with the money to afford such operations  to change to their identified sex.

The first part of the 21st century we are seeing changes in our society that has become more tolerant and accepting of the LGBT on state and national levels.  One day all fifty states will be in sync with the times and we the LGBT people will enjoy the freedoms that many others has taken for granted.  We still have a ways to go but I foresee a great future where equality means equality for all no matter whom you are.

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