Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jamey Rodemeyer's Bullies Not Charged!!

In Amherst, NY Jamey Rodemeyer's bullies has not been charged after formal investigation leading to case closed by Amherst Police Chief John Askey. Jamey, 14 years old killed himself admid constant bullying by students at North High School, Amherst, NY in September of this year.

As reported in The Chief stated that there is not enough evidence to prosecute and not able to single out any particular student. But yet the school has investigated five incidents of bullying and none has been reported to authorities. To make matters worst young Mr. Rodemeyer's sister went to a school dance shortly after the sucide to take her mind of the loss of her brother and at the dance bully's at the school bullied her by saying "Better of Dead". The students that taunted the sister have been suspended by the Superintendent. That is about all the punishments that will be metted out on behalf of the family and friends of Jamey Rodemeyer. Such an outcry over the suicide that Lady Gaga took an audience with President Obama to rally better anti-bully laws in the school systems. In similar news an Ohio teen was shown to be beaten on YouTube for being gay. This teens mother stated that her son has been continually harassed for being gay. Even after the teen's suicide the bullying continues which goes to show the need for major crackdown adn tougher anti-bully laws not just for the LGBT but for everyone because I am very sure that the bullies don't stop there.  The bullies target anything that does not fit into their agenda. For example a Muslim or an obese girl/boy have also been targets. Some teachers in schools sometimes turn the other way because they don't like the LGBT or whatever the reason for the bully to act out. But anyone sensable would know that there is no valid reason for bullies in any situation. Some people say that persons like Jamey should have stood up for himself. How can that happen if the bullies are bigger and have a bandwagon of other students cheering him on? The list of what ifs and what not goes on and on.
The video can be seen here or go to

One of the major questions in my mind is where is the teacher that belongs in that classroom and why did none of the students stand up and try to stop him. It is an absolute senseless. This is such an outcry and becoming an epidemic in our Jr high and high schools today. Another thing that bothers me is the parents of such bullies. In many cases like this you will find the peers inciting the actions or the parents particularly the father figure speaking out against homosexuality to the point that it is drilled in to the impressionable teens to  minds to commit such acts.
On a final note I cannot stress enough that it not worth one's own life to stop this but to get help.  If nobody listens then keep speaking out until you find someone that will listen and help. If you are an young impressionable LGBT teen feeling severely depressed or having thoughts of sucide please call the Trevor Project at their hotline number at 1-866-4-U-TREVOR. Just remember there is someone out there that can and will help you.
See also in the the shocking story from Jamey's parents as they spoke on the Today Show about the continued bullying against their daughter after the suicide.
These are the fact as I have read them as well as my opinions make of them what you wish and I hope someone reads this and finds a way to help others from bullies and if you are a bully yourself, you will eventually pay in the long run for your behavior.

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