Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We are all SINNERS!!!!!

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Well the opponents of the LGBT Movement have been bringing forth bible thumping about homosexuality is a sin and marriage is tween man and woman and all the other jazz they keep bringing up. Yes the bible does say that man lies with a man it is a sin. But if our society today practice the bible rather than the law of the land then The same ones whom keep preaching against homosexuality are all sinners.

Most of the Thumping herds out protesting against LGBT Equality are claiming that the sexuality of a man or woman that is not heterosexual is of a choice. I know it is not a choice for me.  I even tried heterosexual relationships myself and was married with children but over time all it did was cause depression and make me want out. Three failed marriages and several failed relationships with the opposite sex made me realize.  It is not a  choice that I am whom I am.  I am a Transgender Female and nothing or no one can change that. According to the bible God has made us and have a plan for each and everyone of us.  So if same-sex relationships or marriages is such a sin then why did he make us whom we are today.

Yes homosexuality is a sin according to the bible and I am not denying that. The Bible is not the law of the land. If it were so there would be many people getting publicly stoned for adultery, rape, murder and incest(Yes incest happens when you have a bad father forcing a daughter to have sex with him.) An eye for an eye is the the broader aspect of punishments for other crimes. Do unto you as you have done unto me was the language until the New Testament whereas Jesus says just turn the other cheek and the sinner will face judgement I the eyes of the Lord. One sin that is well known also is Bearing False Witness. In short order it means telling lies and such to bring fruit to having person or persons be in trouble with the others persons involved in this case the biased unfounded untruthful and weak messages that the FRC(Family Research Council), NOM(National Organization for Marriage) and their allies produce to the public in attempt to gain support for the cause of disallowing the LGBT any rights. Sin is sin ladies and gentlemen make no mistake about it therefore these anti-LGBT organizations need to step back and  think. The have no rights to call us sinners as it amounts to calling the kettle black for they are sinners themselves.

With the recent DADT(Don't Ask Don't Tell)knock down in the armed forces,it paves the the way to pave a rocky road to get DOM(Defense of Marriage)Act struck down as well. Californian LGBT are actually building that road as we speak as the Proposition 8 has been struck down due to its unconstitutionalism. But the FRC and its allies don't know when to quit when two U.S. District Court Judges Walker and Ware both struck it down. It is getting  pushed up the the U.S. Supreme Court sometime in 2012 when the final knockdown will take place leaving precedent for the other states that are working towards marriage equality. It will be a long haul to build that road towards total equality in marriage, employment, housing, medical care and education. One day we will enjoy those rights in all 50 states and the generations coming up behind us will have an easier life then we do today.

This post is not based on anything but pure opinion based on the current events affecting the LGBT American Community. Everyone is entitled to opinions but that does not make it a fact as FRC and  other Anti-LGBT organizations try to do majority of the time.

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